In 2006, Padis Aryan Poultry Company was established with the aim of making changes in the field of industrial poultry farming, improving the conversion factor and increasing the productivity of the poultry industry, in cooperation with the specialists of this field. The main objective of Paddy Aryan Poultry Company is to produce concentrates and nutritional supplements and vitamin premixes for poultry and laying poultry of world quality and standard as well as import of livestock and poultry inputs used in poultry industry in advanced industrialized countries so that we can take steps though. Take a small step in the growth and promotion of our beloved Iranian poultry industry. It is necessary to explain that the development of any company and group requires the use of experiences, suggestions and criticisms of consumers and practitioners in this field, so I would like to expedite our steps to reach the ultimate goal by presenting our views. Thank you very much for your help and guidance.

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